View both lines of a two-line folder name in Binder

Scrivener whizzes will know, Opt+Enter creates a second line in a folder name, e g a folder can be named like this:

Chapter 3
3rd November 1333

Perfect! This is how I want the folder name to appear in my Compiled document.

But there’s one drawback: when working in Scrivener (Scrivenings view, Default layout), I can only see the top line of the folder name in Binder, e g

Chapter 3

How can I view both lines of the folder name in Binder?

I don’t have the answer to what you want, but …

Have you considered letting Compile handle adding the ‘Chapter N’ part for you – which would obviate its inclusion in the folder name.


Good idea, thanks gr.

I hope the answer to showing both lines of the folder name is out there, though!

You can select the item title in the Binder to edit it, then scroll down to see. You can also see multi-line titles in the Outline view.

Multi-line titles are actually a common cause of support questions for exactly this reason. People accidentally or deliberately create a multi-line title, forget that they’ve done so, and then become confused when the full title in the Compiled output doesn’t match the Binder.

As @gr said, there are better ways to handle Chapter numbering anyway.

I did it once accidentally (apparently), but I’d never do it on purpose.

Thanks your thoughts, kewms.

I switched to Outline view (View menu > Outline) and still only see the top line of the folder name, both in Binder and the centre panel’s title bar. What other steps are needed to reveal the second line?

Still hoping the answer to showing both lines of the folder name is out there!

It worked right away for me – in the Outline view.

… and here it is, Compiled.


Some options:

  1. View → Outliner Options → Title → and Synopsis

  2. Or right click the top of the outliner column where it says ‘Title’ and select the ‘and Synopsis’ option

  3. Or toggle the icon marked in the image below

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Thanks, SWM. That worked.

Thanks also, drmajorbob, for the screenshots. Your Outline view screenshot showed me the folder with the two-lined title needs to appear under Title and Synopsis, not above, for the second line be visible.

If anyone is interested, I decided to solve my problem by adding folders. E g in Binder:

Folder 1
Folder 2, named Line 1
Folder 3, named Line 2
Scene etc.

Folder 1, named Line 1
Folder 2, named Line 2
Folder 3
Scene etc.

That way I can work in the view I prefer with my whole structure visible.

I really appreciate the input that helped me decide how to solve this. Thanks again!


If it’s in Draft/Manuscript, it was already in a folder.

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By the way, it could be inside a file with the same result. Files can be containers, the same as folders can. The only difference between files and folders is (1) the default icon and (2) the default separator in Compile (page break for folders). The latter may not be a difference, depending on the template used to create a project.