View by Date Created & Modified

I am new to Scrivener. How can a view all the pages in a single list by title and ordered by the date created and/or by the date modified?

Hi harmonz,

Welcome to Scrivener! You can view the list of documents in outliner and include created and modified dates as columns (cmd-3 to open the selected set of documents in outliner and then select the columns to view in View>Outerliner Columns). You can then click on the title of these columns to sort by that field. They’re 3-way toggles, so it will sort ascending (1), sort descending (2), and turn off sort (3).

Subdocuments will get sorted as well, but only within their group so that the hierarchy remains intact. If you want to flatten your entire draft and sort all of it, regardless of hierarchy, create a new collection with the entire draft and then view the collection in outliner and sort it the same way as above.

A tip for that last point: to create a full Draft collection, just open the collection tab interface with the toolbar button, click the + button to create a new collection, then click on the Draft to view its Corkboard or Outliner, select everything in that view, and then hold down the Option key and drag them all to the new collection. This will add the selected items and all of their children as well.