View By Page Option in Composition Mode for Deadlines

Hey Keith,

I promise not to just put +1 on here … especially on a Friday, I wouldn’t want to ruin your weekend!

I know a few people have posted about this, some saying it’s more fun, some saying they like to see how much fits on a page, or they have condensed onto a page, but I have another reason for wanting this option added.

I sometimes work to incredibly tight editing deadlines whereby I need to edit say two chapters by the end of a day. The easiest way that I can make sure I’m on track as I go along is to divide the hours I have available by the number of pages I have to edit. I then know that if I’m not at the end of a page X by hour Y that I’m falling behind and need to up my game.

Obviously upping my game is much easier in composition mode as I have less distractions.

So I would love this option.

All the best!


p.s. I submitted a new topic because when I’ve appended to very old posts in the past my post hasn’t been noticed. Then again, maybe there’s a reason for that! :smiley:

Hi Gilly,

Sorry, there are still no plans for this - you can use regular full screen mode for this, though, which is equally distraction-free.

All the best,

Hi Keith,

Yes I figured it wouldn’t be incoming from reading your previous posts. It’s not a huge issue.

The problem with full screen mode is that I switch between document mode and composition mode constantly as I need all my chapter synopses, notes for changes to the chapter, snapshots if I need to go back etc. To get a distraction-free screen in regular full screen mode I’d need to use view to turn all these things off. The problem is, I need them.

Oh well. Just thought I’d put it out there that there was a little more interest.

Have a good weekend!

You could use the Layouts feature and assign a distraction-free layout as the default for full screen mode…

Ooh, now you’re talking! I’m on it … I’ll give it a try.


Who’s the daddy? You the daddy!

Okay … it does take about six seconds to switch modes, but hey! Who’s complaining?

For anyone else reading, basically :

Set the Editor mode colours to match those of my Composition Mode preference: black back drop, off-white paper, etc. Created a layout for my existing document mode. Then hid all the headers, footers, binders etc. etc. until the screen was clear, and created a layout for that. Then used Macs preferences to create keyboard shortcuts for each of the layouts, and the same keyboard shortcut for enter and exit full screen.

So with three key shortcuts I’m switching modes like superman in a phone booth!

I’m not sure there isn’t a request for change I’ve asked for that you haven’t found a workaround to!

Thanks Keith… I know I say it all the time … but you really are … 8)

Oh… on a complete side note, I can’t help thinking of you whenever Gotye’s “Thanks for Your Time” comes on the radio. Have you ever heard it? Your support is like the antithesis of that song!

Since you’re on a Mac, you have auto-hiding (and therefore un-hiding) inspector and binder, so all you have to do in order to gain access to the synopsis, snapshots, etc… is to move your mouse all the way to the right of the screen. Once you’re done with that interface element, you click into your text editing area, and the inspector slides from view.

Hi Robert,

You’re right, that is much easier!

It’s still quite slow going in and out of full-screen mode, but it’s easier: one key instead of three!

Thanks so much!


You might try searching the web for tips on speeding up Apple’s full screen animation. I’ve had limited success with doing that (there are free utilities that might be able help, like Deeper and TinkerTool), as that whole animated transition thing drives me nuts. I’m ready to start typing and OS X is over there hauling out a banjo and trying to show off. An additional tip for speeding up switching on your end is to assign custom keyboard shortcuts to your layouts using the OS X keyboard preference pane.

Hi Amber,

I’ll do that, I’ll have a hunt around and see what I can find, because this full screen option is giving me everything I want, it’s just the speed of the switch that’s a killer. If I find anything that really makes a difference I’ll post.

I have the custom keys assigned to make the switch easy, but the actual process is still slow. It’s like you say, you’re waiting for it to switch while the OS is holding it’s own banjo party with the processor.

Will see how I go.