View Document Notes in Outliner Mode

Is there a way of viewing Document Notes in Outliner mode?

The novel I’m writing at the moment uses the synopsis to explain what’s going on in the scene (as you would expect) and I use the Document Notes to explain what the reader learns from each scene. Being able to see this data in Outliner view would be useful (without having to have the Inspector open and clicking on each scene to view the Document notes). Is this possible?

Many thanks!

There is no way to of doing that in the Outliner (it would not be easy to do so since notes are a rich text document, just like the main text editor), but you can always export bulk notes with the Compile tool. Just go to all options, click on Formatting, and check off the “Notes” checkboxes for all types—you may want Title too so you know where they came from, and turn Text off so as to not export the entire manuscript text too.

In the future, I’d consider using Synopsis for any type of information you may want to see an “overview” on easily. Notes are better for stuff you specifically do not want to see unless you are examining the item.

Thanks for your thoughts on this AmberV. I did wonder about Compile, but would have preferred something in Outliner mode. But I will investigate your suggestion. (Or perhaps I just need to make my synopsis cards bigger!)

Many thanks for your suggestion.

Another possibility may be to use custom meta-data for this, so you can optionally display it as another column in the outliner and deal with it separately from the synopsis. I have a number of meta-data fields for tracking specific plot lines through a story to help keep track of who knows what when (both reader and characters).

Another nice aspect of this is that by separating the information, it’s easier to glance over the full outline and see where reveals are placed and just focus on the relevant documents, rather than having to skim the entire synopsis/notes section to see if it mentions the particular element you’re interested in. This may not be as helpful in your immediate case if you’re dealing with information that every scene is going to contain–i.e. every scene will teach the reader something–although it may still be useful to see where you have no information, since that would indicate you need to do a little more work there. :slight_smile:

I actually have a “Notes” section in the custom meta-data for one of my projects; I usually use it in the inspector, to remind me of things I might need to know while working on the document, but it works very well in the outliner, too, even with fairly extensive notes.

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Ah! Thank you MimeticMouton and ChiaLynn. It never crossed my mind that you could create a ‘Notes’ field in the Meta-data. I’ve always used meta-data for short data sets, such as time and venue. I don’t need a lot of Notes - just a sentence or two. This could really help. Brilliant! :smiley: