View each document from top

I can’t figure out how to change my preferences so that each document (eg chapter) views from the top when clicked on in the binder, instead of the bottom. I don’t enjoy having to scroll to the top each time I skip between chapters. Thanks!

There is no such preference. But, the way it works is it just loads wherever you were working last. It sounds like you tend to leave the cursor at the bottom of the document, which is why it keeps coming up that way. If you move the cursor to the top it will always load up there, instead. A trick is to use the keyboard instead of the scrollbar. The scrollbar is not saved, just the cursor position. Tapping the Home button on your keyboard will move the cursor to the top of the editor as well as scroll the view.

If you want to reset a bunch of documents quickly, you can alternate between hitting Opt-Cmd-DownArrow and Home. The former shortcut jumps to the next document in the binder (as you might expect, UpArrow moves to the previous document).

Thanks Amber! :smiley: