View>Editor>Show Headings in Scrivenings question

Hello to all. I’m in my opening days with Scrivener v2.4.1 and would be glad of a steer. I cannot get headings to show in scrivenings. The option simply does not appear in the View>Editor menu. I can well see the value of scrivenings, particularly to edit headings in-situ, so I’m keen to know what I’m doing wrong. As well as my inability to get the option to appear on my own Scrivener Test Project, I similarly cannot get it to function in the Tutorial either.

If you go to Help, and enter the word “titles” into the search field there, it will show a few menu options. Arrow-down to the appropriate one, and it will show you where in the menu it is located. I use this Mac OS X feature so much, I don’t know where most menu items in my programs are.

Thank you. That’s useful. However, it’s not “Titles” which are a problem but “Headings”. Apparently, there should be an option in the View Menu, under Editor, to Show Headings in Scrivenings. It has me beat! It just isn’t there - and nor are the headings! Bummer…

You mean like page headings (as with page numbers and the like)? I wasn’t aware that you could see those, since Scrivener has to compile to put them into place and it’s not a WYSIWYG editor like Word or Pages. Maybe though, the solution is to enter Page View (or whatever it’s called). If it’s possible within Scrivener, that might be the key.

The option you’re looking for is Format > Options > Show Titles in Scrivenings. It used to be under View > Editor, as the tutorial says, but was moved in the last update as part of cleaning up the menus for better discoverability and use. We need to update the tutorial–sorry for the confusion!

Aha. Wonderful. That’s cleared that up and I thank you both.