View entire draft manuscript in single view on iPad Version

Is there a way to view the entire manuscript under the Draft folder in the iPad iOS version? I use the Mac version and when I click on the Draft folder, I can see all documents under it in a single scrolling window. Each file is separated by a dashed line.

But in the iPad version, when I click on the draft folder, all I get are note cards.
I guess that’s the corkboard view?

Is there a way to switch from the corkboard view on the iPad to the continuous manuscript view like the Mac version of Scrivener?

You have Scrivenings view mode enabled on your Mac — which is a wonderful feature of Scrivener. For technical reasons (as I understand it), that view mode does not exist on the iOS/iPasOS versions of Scrivener. What you have there instead is a kind of quick compile preview, but it is not live-editable.

Thank you. That’s a shame the whole ms can’t be viewed at once. Hopefully it’s a future feature that can be added.

Have you tried the Draft Navigator feature? It’s the closest you’re going to get to the desktop version’s Scrivenings view.

For instructions, see Scrivener’s iOS Tutorial, under Draft > The Main Interface > The Editor > Finding Your Place.