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I’d like to suggest a feature I use in OmniOutliner (although I’m aware that OmniGroup uses its own code for their outliner, so maybe this can never be applied to Scrivener).
Omnigroup developed an applescript to expand all rows only up to a given level, which the user specifies in a dialog box. Not a very neat interface, but very useful nevertheless. I’d like to see this applied to the Binder.
I rely on a fixed scheme I devised, comprising level 1 for the Draft folder and occasional folders next to the draft (“To dos”, “Communications with publisher” etc). Level 2 is for main sections of the book (roughly the equivalent of acts for a Hollywood screenwriter, but specifically I’m dealing with time periods or topics in the context of a biography). Level 3 is dedicated to chapters. Level 4 is, for the time being, dedicated to scenes, and chunks of chapters in development which, with time, will be merged into a chapter. Since I’m shuffling a lot of stuff around, merging or splitting chapters, I often find myself wanting to see at a glance only the structure of my binder up to the Chapter level. In my case, that will mean looking at a table of contents of sorts.
Maybe that could be part of an applescript suite, if planned for the future, or just a third command next to Expand All and Collapse All.