View file location after searching?

I’m sure it’s here somewhere and I’m just missing it but…
After I perform a project search and relevant documents come up in the binder, how can I tell where exactly the documents are currently living? I often use the search if I can’t remember into what chapter I’ve put a scene, for example. But even if the scene comes up in the search I still can’t tell where it currently resides. Any pointers? Thanks.

If you have the scene in question loaded into the content window, you can close the search then choose “reveal in binder” - the binder will open out whatever folders it needs to, to show the current file highlighted.

I believe you can do this with an ES session as well (I don’t have Scriv in front of me right now) and it will show all of the files in the ES session highlighted - so you could make an ES of your search results, and follow the above procedure to find them.