View Footnote and Document Notes Panes Simultaneously

I’d like to view the footnotes pane and the document notes pane simultaneously. That would permit me to do my “thinking” in the document notes pane, keeping the document and footnote areas “cleaner,” while enabling me to see my thoughts/reminders at a glance with each document. Sometimes I want to mull over a thought before plunking it into the text or a note. Or it might be a “rabbit trail” that I want to chase later on. Does this make sense? Maybe it’s already possible and I just missed it? Thx, kraml

Each user will have a preference as to which Inspector elements he’d like simultaneously visible. A fully developed Inspector would permit its major elements to be stacked, collapsed, scrolled and reordered, with the ability to save and recall a preferred arrangement.

This is Scrivener’s major remaining layout flaw, and I’m eagerly anticipating the next generation of Inspector. (Though the floating Project Notes window in recent releases has helped enormously.)

Rgds – Jerome

There are no plans to change this in the next major version of Scrivener, just FYI.
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Well, then…whenever it arrives. :slight_smile: Didn’t intend to imply that day was imminent. Doc Refs and Project Notes were the pairing I really needed, and we have that now. Appreciate the continuing stream of improvements in the Version 1 series for Windows, all on the initial purchase.

Still, a more fluid Inspector does turn up periodically in Wish List comments, where of course it contends with other priorities.

Rgds – Jerome

I discovered that “comments” provide a suitable solution in the interim. I can stick a comment on the first word in a document; the yellow bkgrd distinguishes it sufficiently from the footnotes.

The only thing that I have noticed with comments is that—in Native Linux Beta—they sometimes fail to “take.” That is, I can sometimes create a comment, see it all in the “yellow” box, but then lose it if I click on something else and come back. So I have to keep my eye on each comment until I am certain that it “took.” (The condition may be related to copy-paste. Uncertain. Footnotes sometimes play the disappearing act, too.) kraml

In a similar vein, and so that I don’t duplicate a thread, I’d like to add my wish for being able to view two or three various Inspector elements stacked up together. :slight_smile: I truly love this program and it’s hard to think of any way that it could be better, since you have dome such an amazing job with it, but this is the one little thing that would be a nice touch.

I use the “keywords” section to provide a character list for my novels, and each character is a keyword (so that I can quickly drag and drop them to keep track of who is where, its just easiest for me that way). In conjunction, I use the “custom meta data” field to address time, date, and location of each scene. As I’m flipping through scenes, I really like to have both the keywords and meta-data visible at the same time, and also possibly the doc notes (where I put comments about editing each scene).

I’ve improvised by making a “characters” field in the meta-data pane, but it’s a lot more tedious to write in the name of each character than just dragging and dropping, especially when I have 10+ going at the same time. (See pic; just seems like there’s a big amount of space down below the meta data where another pane would be really nice!)

In the meanwhile, or if this is easier, could there be a custom meta-data field that allows keywords to be dropped into it, and they appear as text? (Or even better, remain keywords?) Just an idea… thank you!!

Without speaking to the rest of the wish, this much can already be done. Click first into the meta-data field to focus it, then select and drag your keywords from the Project Keywords panel.

Thank you! That will help, at least I won’t have to re-type my list every time! :smiley: