View Glitch / text invisible

Hi everyone!

I’ve been happily using Scrivener on ubuntu 20.04 until I decided to connect my laptop with an external screen. The screen had another shape than my regular rectangular laptop’s screen, so all programs jumped around a bit on the new screen.

Since then - whether connected to the external screen or not - I cannot see my text in Scrivener (same issue in all projects, I tested). Zooming in or out doesn’t change anything either. The text is there, I can copy it and paste it into a word document. I also see the word and character count and some weird yellow boxes in the white document where I have comments. The binder has also changed what it looks like, the colors seem inverted. F.ex. the documents’ titles are white and the background is, just like in the main text, light beige.

Obviously, this is a bit annoying cause I cannot work like this :blush: :open_mouth:

I’d appreciate any help with this and happy to share more information.

oh and I’m using Scrivener version Version: beta (64 bit). To my knowledge, that’s the only version available for linux but please correct me if I’m wrong