View images with text in 'Edit Scrivenings' mode

I’m 24hrs into using Scrivenings and have already fallen in love with ‘Edit Scrivenings’ mode.

Can the following be achieved with images in my ‘Research’ folder?

I was hoping to view images in the same way that multiple text documents can be seen as a flowing document (not corkboard). So far the only way I can achieve this is to drag the image asset onto the text document but I loose the ability to work on the text without the image getting in the way. Linking worked well however, if I exported to RTFD (works, albeit a adds a few more steps).

It would be also interesting to know how more experienced users may get the benefits of images with text without embedding them in the document itself. Currently I am using links and clicking the images to view in ‘split view’. The thread on picture books seemed like what I was after but I not could see if it solved my question!

Apologies if this question has been asked in the past (I had a good wander through the help guides and forum and couldn’t find anything that had a workaround).



No, I’m afraid there is no way of doing this, as Edit Scrivenings works on text files only…

All the best,

Dear Jahan,

I wonder if the following would suit:

Suppose you put the images you want to agglomerate into an otherwise empty text document. Then split the editor so you can view the image-bearing document in one side of the editor and the text document you wish to work on in the other.

The possible drawback to this would be that the images would need to be gathered up into a document for the purpose. If you need to be able to nab different groups of images on the fly, then you might do this: as a matter of course, embed each of the images you keep into their own otherwise-empty text document. Then, when you want to work with some of them: you split the editor, and then use one side of it to show an Edit Scrivenings of an ad hoc selection of those image-bearing documents.(I know you are new to Scriv. I hope that is not too terse a description of the idea.)

Stands to reason this should work and do something like what you are wanting. Haven’t tried it myself. That would take all the sport out of it for you!