View Menu contains TWO instances of "Outline"

In using Keyboard Maestro to re-map certain keystrokes, it is sometimes preferable to refer to menu items instead of keystrokes. The occurrence of “Outline” twice in the View Menu precludes doing so. Though perhaps technically not a bug, it very much feels like one.

An easy solution would be to re-label the lower “Outline” as Outline Actions (or similar) to make it unique.

Or just combine the two.

This seems like a KM bug; it has no trouble executing the view mode “Outline”, but even though you can use KM’s macro editor to pick your way through the menu path View->Outline->Expand All, it fails to actually execute Expand All. It must be assuming that each level of the menu has to have unique names, even if one is an end-point and the other is just a sub-menu.

Mac OS doesn’t have any issues mapping a new (functional) keyboard shortcut to either menu path, which I just tested.