View Mode defaults

When I use the keyboard to navigate the binder with the Goto Next/Previous Document commands, when I land on a folder, Scrivener displays in corkboard mode. I can change it to scrivening mode, but when I navigate away, and back again, it again shows the corkboard. If I instead click directly in the binder, on a folder, it shows scrivening mode. Looking in the manual , it says:

Changing your preferred view mode is as simple as switching to the one you
want; there are no settings you have to change; the program adapts to how you
work and continues working that way until you change the mode to something

But this appears to only work with clicking, and not when the “selection” is made by keyboard navigation. I’m hoping there’s a setting somewhere that I’m overlooking?

Yes. The bottom option when you click on a document’s icon in the Editor’s title bar. It’s called:


Locking a group view mode is a setting for that one container though, so that if you switch to Outliner later on and then clicked on this container, it would force viewing it as Scrivenings or whatever.

While it does serve as a workaround for this bug, it is good to know the intention of the feature, as it could disrupt other ways of working, and that it is something you would have to manually apply to every container you end up with.

The bug itself is with the Next/Prev document buttons and shortcuts ignoring the project’s view mode. There are a few other commands that fail to observe this setting as well, as I recall (like Navigate ▸ Open ▸ in [Other] Editor if the other editor is currently closed).

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Thank you, Antoni for the suggestion, and Amber for the additional detail.

What I was seeing did seem to recall another inconsistency or two where using the keyboard shortcut for a command produced a different result than the same command being run from a menu or a button.

I thought there would probably be a workaround, even though the intention of the feature was somewhat other than that. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

There is one keyboard-use workaround, though it’s not as convenient if you’re right next to the item in question, but it is equally convenient if you’re nowhere near it, and that’s the Quick Search method. I use that to get to most items quickly, it’s habitual, so sometimes I’ll just use it instead of the Next/Prev shortcut.