View more things at once

Can I have my Custom Meta Data open and my Document Notes at the same time? Right now they’re tabs and I can only switch between one and the other instead of seeing both. But I can have the Summary and the General Meta-Data open at all times.

Hello VMJ,
If it is a feature you really need, there is a way to achieve viewing notes and meta data together. Scrivener is very adaptable, but there is a bit of work involved.
Sometimes I have needed to print out document notes as well as view them with other data and this is my method. There are probably others.
Make a folder in your research folder and name it Doc Notes.
At the end of your document note text for the doc in Draft you wish to view, type doc note and create a scrivener link with that text (top menu /Edit /Scrivener link ) Aim the link so it creates a document in your new Doc Notes folder in research.
Copy the text body from your document note into the twin you have made in research.

Now when you need to view document notes alongside other data, just click on the link. This will open up the second editor view with you notes inside (adjust the second editor view width to make it usable.) This copy stays up whatever you have on display in the inspector. It is searchable and can be printed.

Be sure when viewing a document to click on the blue link in that document notes to update the second editor contents, otherwise you may be viewing the notes from non current document.

If you are very new to Scrivener, you are now probably swivel eyed with confusion. Persevere, it is worth it.

Sounds more complex than it is. It really only takes a couple of minutes