view multiple files at once (group mode?)

Is it possible to select multiple documents in either iOS version and view them together, as in group mode on the OS X version? Clicking in and out of the sidebar is a little unwieldy (though I can’t think of other programs that allow multiple selection on iOS…).

I don’t have the desktop version to compare what you mean but I think the answer is no. The only ways that I am aware of for viewing multiple files is by using Quick Reference to look at two files side by side, or cork board but I’m sure that is not what you are looking for.

One other way is to tap the icon to the right of the bookmark icon at the bottom of the editor. This displays all documents as one long view. But this doesn’t let you focus on a subset of folders inside Drafts.

There are two arrows… somewhere around the editor when viewing (but not editing) a document. On the iPhone, they’re in the upper right corner. Tapping on them lets you navigate to the next or previous document in the binder.