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I would like View > Previous and Next Document commands plus navigation icons in the Header View added. This would make Scrivener’s navigation controls similar to

As far as I’m concerned they could replace the View > Container commands.

Thanks for your consideration


There are navigation buttons in the header view, and the related menu commands are under View > Editor. See this topic.

Although it should be noted that the < and > buttons in the header view (not sure how you can miss them!) are history buttons, navigating between recently viewed documents. Although previous/next document is slated for 2.0, obviously there cannot be more < and > buttons in the header view, as that would be confusing.

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How about up and down buttons (like Preview toolbar)



Oh, I misunderstood the question. My bad!

Funnily enough AmberV just suggested the same thing in an off-forum discussion of the same issue, and up/down arrows would be a good solution. The only trouble is that it would clutter the header bar, especially if the up/down buttons were right next to the left/right buttons. On the other hand, maybe the up/down arrows could go on the right, over by the split button…

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