View/Outline/Expand All -- Feedback

I thought that sometimes View/Outline/Expand All didn’t work. I then realized that it was because if the binder has focus, it will be expanded and the outline will not.

Since “Outline” seems to refer to a specific thing (the outline), and is never used to refer to the binder, you might want to either change how this option works, or the way you describe it.

I definitely think having these options available in the Binder are useful, even crucial. Being able to collapse everything, especially with the “Collapse All to Current Level”, and container navigation commands are to me anyway, indispensable. So that leaves terminology, what verb would make more sense to you here? The justification is that, technically speaking, the Binder is an outline (merely a simpler version of one than the Outliner proper), and these commands are all related to the act of outlining.

Ahem, formerly an indispensable Toolbar command. I hope the lack of an icon did not contribute to its demotion from the bar. Especially as user-imported icon libraries are now built into Scrivener.

Rgds – Jerome

I agree that this is useful for binder and outliner. But users need to know why “View/Outline/Expand All” does not in fact expand the outline.

Perhaps you need another option “View/Binder/Expand All.” There are better ways to do it.

Also, I’m finding that the outline is often collapsed, and it’s a bit inconvenient to get it expanded. A right-click Expand All in the context menu might be nice.

Hmm, a problem with that approach is that eventually we’d like these commands to apply to other appropriate contexts as well. For example, being able to expand or collapse the entire keyword tree, or all comments & footnotes. It would grow unwieldy to have a separate set of identical menu commands grouped by every context they could be used in. I just can’t think of a good general-purpose verb, other than “outline” to express all of the outlining contexts one can use (or will be able to use) them in.

In that case it would help to have context menu options for this and a special button on each location (e.g. the header for the outline, or somewhere in the binder).

Absolutely. And I too wish that “Collapse All to Current Level” was more accessible. Right-click would be good.

Hi TromboneAl - Sorry for butting in, but the view is not called “the outline”, it’s called “the outliner”, probably to avoid the confusion you seem to be having with it.

AmberV - That said, I see TromboneAl’s point. Perhaps instead of calling the View menu option “Outline”, you could call it “Expand/Collapse”.