View Progress Numerically in Outliner

Is there a way to view my word count progress numerically in the Outliner the same way it appears at the bottom of each folder or text doc, ie 300/500 or by adding a custom column?

In the Outliner, if you right-click on the Header Row (where it says “Title and Synopsis”, “Status”, etc.) and add one of the “Progress” columns, isn’t that what you need? (Maybe with additional “Word Count” and “Target” columns for the actual numbers.)

The Progress column only shows a visual of the progress, not numerical, unless there’s some way to change that output.

Add (total) “Word Count” and (total) “Target”. The “total” depending on the way you want it handled.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding your suggestion. I’m trying to add a column that calculates the difference between the Total Words and Total Target.

Okay, but that’s not what you asked for. You wanted to see it “the same way it appears at the bottom of each folder or text doc, ie 300/500”. And that’s what the columns “Word Count” and “Target” do. Like this:


(The ones with “Total” in front of it add up sub-documents / folders.)

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Ah! Yes, you are correct. My initial question wasn’t clear.

So, what you actually want is kind of a countdown, showing the remaining words to reach the target?

Yes. That’s correct.

That’s likely not possible (or I don’t know how to achieve it).

Ok. Thanks for your time.

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You are correct. The current count and the target in separate columns is as close as you can get in the Outline view.