View Snapshot in separate pane

I hate to post this if it has already been asked, or to my ignorance, it can already be done.

But is there a way to view a snapshot in the split screen editor and not just the snapshot window, so when editing you can have a side by side comparison?

I make big changes, and it would help if to see if I left something out. I would get more use out of that than a change tracker, because my first drafts are so horrible (I’m just trying to get it out, and a basic premise of what’s going on in the scene) that I almost always rewrite ever word.

Thanks and all the best.


There’s no way of doing this at the moment, but I have already implemented this for 2.0, so this will definitely be in Scriv 2.0.

Thanks and all the best,

Thanks. Looking forward to 2.0.