I got to thinking it might be an idea to include all of the view options in VIEW. Corkboard and Outline are there - perhaps DRAFT, BINDER etc sould also be there so it would provide a really easy way of backing out of a view. For example, if I have split my document vertically with the corkboard on the right and want to go back to a my original document, having this function VIEW > DRAFT, would be easier than going through Layout.

My goodness this is amazing KB!

It is pure craft enabling. Every writer will want it.

I went through EVERY function listed in the new tutorial and not only did every one of them work exactly as stated, the tutorial itself is written in plain English, and really easy to follow. It was good advice that you gave to make the effort to go through the tutorial. So many little bits of craft magic revealed themselves.

Please don’t make it too expensive. I am a pensioner. I can’t afford much.

Hi Lord Lightning,

Sorry, I’m not entirely sure what you mean by this. Do you just mean unsplitting? Or getting rid of the corkboard? Or going to another document? Could you explain a little more, please? Thanks.

As for price - it won’t be any more than $40 - I hope that isn’t too expensive.

Thanks for the kind words,

Hi KB.

I now see that the Binder (DRAFT - RESEARCH - TRASH) is in the panel on the left. If I am in say, Corkboard, then clicking on DRAFT does not take me back to DRAFT. (Should the BINDER be labelled - since it is so important?)

So, I then realised that clicking again on CORKBOARD has the same effect as an ON - OFF switch. That is fine. Reason prevails. But what about intuition?

What if the CORKBOARD and OUTLINE icons in the menu bar changed colour or shading to show that they were in the ON state, signalling to the user to switch them off when needed?

As I first (intuitively) saw it, when I went to VIEW, it would be great if there was a number COMMAND 3 for DRAFT, and COMMAND 4 for RESEARCH. That way you could use either the keyboard, the VIEW slider, or the switches for DRAFT or RESEARCH.

I hope that makes sense. It’s nothing really and introduces more coding - but it does seem a good thing to let writers know they are selecting the particular DRAFT they were working on, and that choice is chunked with the other most used VIEW commands.

PS love the idea of a choice of coloured pins that could reflect BOTH the random selection as now AND one reflecting deliberate choices congruent with particular documents or stages of a story as it develops.

PPS In OUTLINE at the moment the PAGE BREAK BEFORE check buttons seem to be right justified. They are floating by themselves at the right hand side of my 24 inch monitor.

Can I have one more PPPS? What if the tutorial had some embedded picture of the main screens and functions. For example, a picture of the main DRAFT view _ perhaps using the tutorial itself as the text file set could have arrows pointing to the key features, ie BINDER, which is not actually there as function. it would make it clear in an instant that the BINDER contains the other functions - DRAFT, RESEARCH and TRASH. Maybe, you could also consider putting OUTLINE and CORKBOARD there as well. It is a little redundant, but it seems intuitive.

Ah, I see what you mean. I thought about this a lot, and although I understand that the “toggling” may not be immediately intuitive, once you get used to it I think it makes a lot of sense and feels very natural.

I could give the corkboard and outliner a selected/not selected look, but this sort of thing is usually used in Preferences panels rather than in normal toolbars. Take the inspector icon in the toolbar, for example, or the Keywords HUD panel. Whenever you see an app (including Apple programs) with such icons, they just act as a toggle button, but do not reflect their state; the state should already be clear from the view itself. So I think the current approach works best.

I decided not to label the binder as it doesn’t look as pretty and also because it is fairly clear what the binder does given the sort of program it is.

Anyway, glad you like the coloured pins. :slight_smile:

All the best,

Hi KB,

I just added a couple of end edits to the last posting.


Didn’t realise you would be on to it so quickly. I honestly thought you would be trying to get a bit of sleep!!!

What’s that you ask???

PS Yes I agree. Your explanation is well reasoned - I guess it does flag the need for a picture addition to the tutorial. Reason and intuition are not always comfortable together.

Hello again. The last column in the outline view stretches to fit the rest of the view, so if “Page Break Before” is the last column (you can change the order of the columns by dragging them around), then yes, it will stretch all the way across if you have a wide screen. You can change that by change the size of the column (click and drag in the header view) - any resizes will get saved between launches (though independently for the two different outliner views, in case you want to set them up differently).

As for embedded pictures in the tutorial… I completely agree. The current tutorial is really just to get you up and running. It will be re-written along with the creation of a Help file for the release version. I also recently bought iShowU so that I can create some video tutorials, too.