viewing a collection on corkboard

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I’m having troubles viewing a collection in corkboard mode. Sometimes it works while other times the collection is displayed on the left while the corkboard remains on whatever I had previously clicked on while viewing via the Binder.

other times clicking on a collection will reveal it in the Corkboard… Not sure what I’m doing right/wrong.


Well collections just follow the same rules that containers do in the Binder. For example if you click on a folder in the Binder and it comes up as an Outliner, then clicking on a collection should do likewise.

If you wish for a collection (or any folder for that matter!) to always use a particular view mode, then once you have changed the mode back to what you want, click in the header bar icon menu for the corkboard and select “Lock Group View Mode”. Now it should always come up as a corkboard, even if you change your viewing preference for folders later on.