Viewing colections in corkboard

Will it be possible to view collections via the corkboard? I would like to change the order of the text within a collection. It is an awkward process to do so at the moment as it is fiddly with the mouse.

Yes, it will be possible to view a collection using any of the available group view modes via a click on the name header bar, below the tabs (or at the top of the sidebar if the tabs are hidden). These will use collection order, and not be a “multiple selection” which doesn’t let you move stuff within it. When freeform corkboards are implemented it will be possible for collections to have their own spatial corkboard arrangement that gets saved into the collection itself.

Oh that’s a relief. I’ve compiled the collection for now into a new document and using cut and paste to rearrange as each document in this collection only contains a single sentence. Is there an easier way to do this?

It would probably be easier to drag and drop the items from the collection into the new project Binder. Sorry though, I’m away from my Windows computer at this moment so I can’t confirm if that works. Theoretically it should, but perhaps items in a Collection do not drag out of the project like they ordinarily would. At any rate, there should definitely be a better solution above compilation & splitting back up.

That works, provided you can open two projects at once. :confused: I’m trying to come up with another option but thus far nothing’s working due to one thing or another. If I come up with a workable idea though I’ll post it.

hey i actually ran a search in this before i posted!! i was doing the tutorial but i just wasn’t able to see it in the corkboard, when i click the view i see an empty corkboard… am i doing something wrong or this is still not available?

in the “binder” area, i can see my collection, i can click and see the files moved to this collection, but when i click corkboard, its just a blank corkboard…

WAIT, i just noticed it’s under windows, not MAC… sorry…

On the Mac, to view your collection on the corkboard click the name of the collection in the sidebar header bar (that is, the thing below the tabs if you have them open, the part that is always there even if you close the tabs). That will view the collection in your current group view preference.

As for it being blank right now, I assume you are selecting a file item in the collection list or something and viewing its corkboard, which will of course be blank because it has not child items. If you add things to this blank corkboard, does one of the icons in the collection list suddenly turn into a stack of paper?

once again, you solved my problem, pointed out the errors of my ways… thx