Viewing collections on the corkboard - sub / parent documents setting?

Is there a setting I’m missing somewhere that changes how collections are viewed in the corkboard?
I’ve successfully set one up that displays the folders as index cards. But all the others I’ve tried to set up display the subdocuments within those folders as index cards instead and I can’t for the life of me find the setting that changes this!

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Hmm, if my guess is right about what is going on, it looks like there may be a small glitch in how collections display themselves. Try this in the main binder: select a folder, hold down Ctrl and click on another. Is that roughly what you’re looking at when you view this particular collection? Now try Ctrl-clicking on a text item—now you should see everything as cards in one corkboard.

So my guess is that if you throw a “junk” item into this one collection, it will display itself in the way you’d like it to.

Like I say, it’s not actually supposed to work that way. What I described above is how multiple selections are intended to work. Collections are not meant to function as multiple selections, but rather almost exactly like folders.

When I do this, it displays all the subdocuments of those 2 selected folders as index cards on the corkboard. (Which is what all but one of my collections show).

Yep, that changes the index cards to the two folders and that one file.

Doing this prompted me to going through and manually select the folders of my anomalous collection. I hadn’t noticed there is one folder that has no subdocuments and it’s that one that changes the index cards from the subdocuments to the folders themselves.
Thank you! Mystery solved. Now need a rethink on how best to get my collections to display how I want them to…

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Yeah, for the moment you’ll have to work around this bug. Normally you shouldn’t have to be giving any thought to this, it should just work as though you took all of those items and grouped them into a folder, then clicked on that folder.

Then the choice of how to display them is entirely up to you at that moment. If you want to see the behaviour you are currently getting, you could use Ctrl+A in the binder to form a multiple selection of them all, rather than viewing the collection.