Viewing files inside (chapter) folders

Is there any way to view files inside different chapter folders at the same time in the left sidebar? Rather than having to slide back in and out of different folders, only viewing the content of each individual folder at a time?

I can “force” this view by tapping the space bar in the project search field, which brings up every single document, (but with all the spaces highlighted). Or I could search “the” or “a” or something, but it would be great to get this view as a default.

Hope this makes sense! I’ve attached two screenshots to try and show what I mean.

The tutorial covers that (and it’s shorter than the one for Mac and Windows). but the short answer is to swipe left.

Oh I love you! In future I’ll be less arrogant and impatient and RTFM first :wink:

The swipe left to expand feature was also one of the four tips that should have appeared when you launched the app - I’m assuming you swiped through them without reading them. :smiley:

Glad you got it sorted, though!

I was just so eager to get it going, and I was messing around trying to upload all my .scrivs to Dropbox and sync them back, and installing it on my iPhone as well, so I managed to fail to see that. Sorry!

It’s beyond amazing. I have a .scriv I use for Latin translations, and I put the original Latin text in the information pane. I can’t tell you how beautiful that’s now looking - better than desktop even.

I’ve left a 5-star review in the Aus iTunes store anyway.