Viewing Footnotes in Snapshots

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I’m wondering if it’s possible to view footnotes captured in a snapshot? I have a project, written for an oral presentation, which I’m now working up for formal submission to an academic journal. The structure of the oral presentation will be reproduced exactly in the article, but the text needs serious revision and expansion. So my thought was to take a snapshot of each section, and then delete the text so that I have a blank page, without the distraction of the more informal phraseology and syntax that I would use when giving an oral presentation. I use the snapshot as a reference to remind myself of the major points made, and also the flow of each section.

I used footnotes in the original project (not inline). These are marked in the snapshots, and the cursor changes to indicate a link when hovered over the footnote marker. However, clicking on it does nothing that I can see. My question is whether it’s possible for me to see the text of the footnote without “rolling back” the snapshot? It’s not a huge problem if I can’t, as I can always reconstruct the footnote, but it would be useful if I could.


There’s no way of viewing footnotes when a snapshot is displayed in the inspector at the moment (although this is planned for a future version), but you can achieve what you want by viewing the snapshot in the other editor instead of in the inspector. To do so, first split the editor so that you have two editors visible, then drag the snapshot you wish to view to header bar of one of the editors. The snapshot’s footnotes can then be viewed in the inspector.

Hope that helps.

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Brilliant. Thanks for the tip and the quick response Keith.