Viewing HTML files in Editor Pane

Greetings - Saving local HTML files into the binder and viewing them in Scriv’s editor panes has been an essential capability for me in v.1.9.X, But in the betas thus far, HTML files in the binder are displayed only as links for external viewing, like other file types foreign to Scrivener. So I’m wondering if we’re expecting the capability to view these files in the panes to be restored in Scrivener 3.

Thanks for any insight!
Rgds - Jerome

Yes, currently there’s a bug loading web archive types, but ultimately it should be possible to import and view HTML files, although I believe they may undergo conversion to the MHT format during import. Currently it is possible to import HTML files as text, which is then viewable in the editor, if that would suit your needs in the meanwhile. This can be set in File > Options > Sharing.

Super – thank you MM!!

Rgds - Jerome