Viewing imported web pages[ADDRESSED]

I’ve been using Scrivener on a MAC and just opened an existing project on a PC using Beta 1.4 for Windows.
It looks ok apart from viewing web pages. I normally split the screen and use one part to view research notes, including web pages, but when I click on an imported web page it doesn’t open in the selected window, it’s just blank.
Is this a bug, or a limitation of importing projects?

At this point, importing web pages seems to be a work in progress, as some pages import well and some don’t. Apparently the browser being used may also have an effect.


Is there as preference on which browser to use? I attempted to import a web page using drag and drop from IE8. I got a blank, untitled index card.

Importing and exporting to HTML is not currently fully supported. Currently, in Beta 1.5 you can import a web pages text, but you can’t export. Full web page support is scheduled for Beta 1.6 before end on Jan 2011.