viewing index cards in cork board mode

Is there anyway to view all the document index cards in a folder without opening the folder and manually selecting them all?
Is there a preference I can set that will enable me to just select the folder and automatically see the document index cards inside it?

Just select the folder in the binder and use cmd-2 once or twice - it’s the toggle for cork board mode.

Not at my computer at the moment, but there’s a menu command which allows you to say that a particular folder should always default to a particular group mode (eg Scrivenings or cork board or outline). Go to the help menu and type in group and it should be obvious which one it is.


If you prefer using a mouse, select the folder and then, if you don’t see your documents as index cards on a board, click on the cork board view mode using the icon in the toolbar.

I’m not sure this is what I meant. I have a folder that has a sub folder with several documents in it – When I select the folder and go into cork board mode, the documents in the folder appear as index cards. The subfolder appears as a stack of index cards. What I’m wondering is if there is a way to expand this folder so I can see the index cards underneath it.

I use a ton of folders and subfolders and I’d like to avoid having to expand them all and select them in the binder, then going into cork board mode to see the index cards.

I’m attaching a image which I hope will clarify my question. Thank you so very much !! I appreciate your assistance.

There is a pair of commands that will show all subdocuments on a corkboard at once, in Navigate ▸ Open ▸ With All Subdocuments as a Flat List ▸ . There is a shortcut on the main method of doing so in the current editor.

There is no way to do that by default though, because as you’ll see when you try it, the result is a “Multiple Selection”, and in that mode you cannot drag things around. If you want to view multiple containers together and drag things between them, it is better to select them by hand.

Thank you !! This clarifies everything. I appreciate it.