Viewing Inspector Footnotes/Comments

Hi, if I want to read through all the footnote or comment entries for a particular document and I find the font size of Inspector view a bit small for prolonged reading, is there some way of isolating notes and zooming in? I am finding myself wanting to click on the Inspector footnotes pane to bring it up in a QuickReference panel and then to be able to zoom in so that I can comfortably read through all the notes. Is this something I can do? Or is there an equivalent? I know I could simply make my footnotes font larger, but that is not ideal so I am seeing if there is another solution first. Sorry if this is documented somewhere - I have hunted around a bit but can’t find any discussion of it.

I assume that some form of I am wanting to do is not possible, but is anyone able to confirm one way or the other?

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The support staff are on holiday, so you may not get a quick reply.

As far as I know you can’t do this. I find the best solution is to use a larger font in footnotes (I use Verdana – which is very legible on a screen – at 12 points for just about everything). It doesn’t matter too much what font and size you use for composition, because you can use a different one when you compile. However, another thing you can do is to select all the text in the inspector footnote (Cmd-A to select all) then press Cmd-+ (plus sign) to enlarge to the next font size, do whatever you have to do, then press Cmd-- (minus) to return to the previous font size. If you press Cmd-+ a couple of times it will enlarge further, if the text is still not big enough for you. Not exactly what you want, but it might help.

Cheers, Martin.

You’re also in Cambridge, I see!

Hi Martin,

Thanks, that’s helpful. The first option, increasing the font size and changing at the compile stage, is what I was planning on doing, so you have confirmed that for me. To be honest, this is probably only an issue for me because I am working with a MBA 11in, although I am sure there are many others who are as well. At work I have it hooked up to an external monitor and I can read my inspector notes without difficulty. When I am on the move it is a bit trickier!

So on my wish list for a future release are a couple of things: to be able to bring up inspector notes in a quick reference panel, and to have the zoom function which is in the main editor window in the quick reference panel as well :slight_smile:

Yes, I am in Cambridge, doing a PhD along with a bit of lecturing too. I just wish I had got going with Scrivener a bit sooner!

I have this exact same problem.

My footnotes font is set to be the same font and size as my main font (Garamond 13 point) but whereas the main font is readable the footnotes are minuscule (and as it’s a PhD I mainly use Scriv. for, there’s a lot of footnotes inserted as I go along and sometimes lots of text in them, e.g. Latin and English translations). I have to make them 18 point to be legible on the screen!

I found today when I tired to correct this I could not just Command-A ‘select all’ and change the font on all the foot notes all at once. I had to go into each footnote and put the editing cursor in the text then press ‘select all’ (eventually found that triple-click was faster), which only selected all the text of the current footnote. So I had to select each footnote one by one and change the font. It was very tedious - just for the actively edited section I was working on.

Pressing ‘select all’ selects all the footnotes OK but not the actual text of the footnotes and change the font actions didn’t work in unless the actual text was selected.

So I would hope that the ability to ‘zoom’ on a document includes the footnotes/comments text as well as soon as you can do it.


You can change the default footnotes font in the Preferences and then select all the comments in a document, ctrl-click, and select Convert to Default Formatting.

Scaling the footnotes to match the editor zoom might be a nice future feature.

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Ahh thanks for the tip; however it also strips the italics out of the foot notes, which is very annoying when half it is in in Latin (and hence, italicised) ;-(

No … wait. That was because I selected a random font as the default font just to test it and this font did not have an italic typeface. So that works as a splendid workaround for the moment, thanks!