Viewing my Elements folder in Scrivener


I love using Elements on my Ipad. My Elements folder shows in the Ipad Dropbox app. It also appears when I log into Dropbox on my Macbook. However…it does not appear when I use the Synch with External Folder option in Scrivener. Am I going mad or what?

Sorry, I read that wrong at first and thought you meant the app, Elements, wasn’t appearing.

So you are saying you can navigate to your “My Elements” folder on your computer with Finder, but when you fire up Scrivener’s Sync to Folder tool and browse to where that folder exists—it’s not there? Could you send screenshots of the dialogue box beside a Finder window showing this condition? That is very weird if what you say is true, because the dialogue box is just using the same exact information the Finder is.

Sorry to be an idiot but I have my screenshots, how do I post them on the forum?

Click on the ‘upload attachment’ tab below the buttons ‘Save’, ‘Preview’ and ‘Submit’ (which themselves are right below the box that you type into when posting a comment).

Thanks nicka

Here you go AmberV


I don’t see the Elements folder on your Mac either (first screenshot, right?), nor do I see the PlainText folder which is also visible on Dropbox. If neither of these folders are syncing to your Mac, then Scrivener will have no chance of seeing them—this feature is ignorant of Dropbox, it just uses folders and files and so needs these folders and files to exist on the drive in order to use them. I would investigate why you are not getting the Plaintext and Elements folders on your Mac.

Problem solved.

After checking on Google it appears that others have been having the same problem with folders not appearing on all their Dropbox installs. I just unlinked my Macbook from Dropbox, re-downloaded the Dropbox software, logged back in with my username and password and opted to ‘Merge’ my files. Voila! My Elements folder (and the PlainText one) have now appeared on my Mac so I can now synch them to my Scrivener project. Phew. :smiley:

Great! Hope the workflow works out well for you.