Viewing notes, reference, keywords in the Inspector UI

Navigating between Notes, References, and Keywords to view their existence can be very time-consuming.

One solution might be to display a different icon that indicated the existence of content.

Another solution would be to display all three simultaneously – a combo view. On my MacBook Pro set to default resolution (1440 x 900) I have about 425 pixels of vertical space available which might work well for me – others mileage may vary.

Thanks for the consideration


Hmm, I don’t think clicking between three buttons constitutes massive “time consumption”. :slight_smile: Everything in Scrivener must work as well on a 12" iBook as it does on a 24" cinema screen. So, I’m afraid this won’t change in the foreseeable future. Maybe in 2.0, if the inspector becomes a floating palette. If. I haven’t begun thinking about it yet. :slight_smile:

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Don’t do it! I like the single-window interface! :cry:

Me too!

If this is ever done, something like Photoshop CS3 would be best, in my opinion. There would be a “docking” area where you could stash Inspector elements, and they would act as they do now, when docked. Or you can grab an element and drag it out, where it would become a floating window. Multiple floating windows could be “snapped” together vertically. As is practically the convention these days. That way you could have one thing (say the index card) always floating, but hide the rest of the docked Inspector.

I’ve got over twenty plus binders that have lots of docments, so its 3 times the number of documents times the time to grab the mouse etc. and the number of times to visit each area to examine the content.

Hope it stays on your radar.



But how often do you actually do that? And what are you looking for when you do?

YMMV, but I only care what the bookmarks and notes for a file are when I’m actually working on that particular file. I can’t remember ever needing to see all of that information for an entire project en masse.

Since Scrivener provides plenty of other tools for collecting notes and resources, perhaps another approach would serve your needs better while requiring less work by our Humble Host?


Like Khadreit and AmberV, I love the single window-interface. No need for a floating inspector at all!

Khadrelt wrote



IMHO since I’m new to both Scrivener and the Mac, I much prefer the single window approach. There’s a very interesting program for Windows, “Liquid Story Binder” that’s full of promise. But its multiple floating windows interface drove me to distraction. It has a learning curve that requires a sack of pitons and and plenty of climbing rope. A lot of PC people like it and the developer seems to be a good guy but I spent so much time figuring out how do do simple things (of course I could just be uncommonly dense) that I wasn’t getting much done.

I’ve got a lot to learn about Scrivener but I love the single window interface that is far more intuitive and easy to understand.


Please reconsider one of the requests in my initial post: “One solution might be to display a different icon (color change etc.) that indicated the existence of content”

It would be helpful to see at a glance whether a document had any of the three types of content.



Done for the next update.

Thanks a million!!!