Viewing Only Top-Level Doc Groups in Scrivenings

Is there a way to select multiple document groups and view them as a Scrivenings session without including the subdocuments? I can do it if I also include a single document, but then I’m just throwing in an extraneous document on one end to prevent the subdocuments showing up, and I feel like there may be some secret I’m missing.

I’m not sure if this is any better, but if you throw the containers into a collection and then view the collection as a scrivenings session, that works. I remember this one getting debated for a bit on how it should work, and there really wasn’t a good single answer. Either implied children or not implied children make sense in different cases. You can’t view two container cards on a corkboard by themselves either, you get a corkboard stack of each container’s contents.

Ah, I see it is the case. I guess in the case of corkboard, if I’ve done that I usually want to see the children, so it didn’t impress itself on me. It was just now I was attempting to pull together a couple threads, which happen to all have subdocs, and I wanted to check the flow of just the top level. I thought there might be some special key to hold down while selecting to make it choose only the top level, since there are so many great special keys in Scrivener, and I wanted to ask rather than finding out a year from now. :slight_smile:

It does make sense, of course; in many other circumstances I’d want to see the whole set of subdocuments and needing to only click the group is helpful. Making the collection may work out; thanks for the suggestion!