Viewing page breaks while composing in Scrivener

I continue to LOVE this program and am getting the hang of it more each day. So here is my question du jour: I am a novelist, and I like to set myself a goal of 5 pages per day. But I can’t tell when I am working on a text in Scrivener how many pages I’ve done. Is there any way of customizing the view so you can see when you’ve finished a page? (say standard 250 wpp–I can just do word counts, but pages is more what I’m used to)


How about View/Statistics/Project Statistics ?


That works. :smiley: Thanks, Dave.

i have been thinking the same question, except in my case, i prefer to work with a single ‘project’ within which i have hundreds of folders and documents. I work on about 50 regularly, each of which is a short report i am working on. i need a quick way to see my page count. i find it troubling that project statistics provides a page tally, whereas the document statistics gives me everything but, making me do a bunch of heavy-weight mathematical calculations to deduce it from the word count. was it not possible to include a page count on the document stats? Like all other aspects that people often ask about, I assume there was some reason for it. Can you comment on this, Keith or Amber?

The reason is simply that calculating a page count is a lot more expensive than calculating characters and words, as it involves more maths. Either you do a rough page count based on the word count, which is not ideal anyway, or you have to check the current page layout settings and lay everything out in the background to check how many pages would be required (which is what happens in Project Stats) - now imagine a fake print for every letter you typed. :slight_smile:

Besides which, it is much more common to have a character and word count - and character and word counts are also what are used for most publications. Short stories and novels are counted in words (or characters in Europe, I believe), as are essays and suchlike). Page counts are generally a lesser requirement (yes, I know they are sometimes needed, but Scrivener can’t please absolutely everyone in absolutely every regard).

Then, of course, there is also the problem with overwhelming the interface with too many statistics, and the fact that a page count - even one laid out by fake printing - may not be the same as the actual page count when printing anyway, given that you can choose to change the font, remove annotations, insert document titles and so on and so forth upon printing (or exporting). In other words, page count has very little meaning in Scrivener. It is provided in Project Stats as a rough guide, and in a place where it will not slow down typing.

Hope that clarifies things.

All the best,

Unless I am misunderstanding your request, there is a very simple way to get a page count of the current document. Just click on it in the Binder and get Project Statistics. The bottom section of this window is all about the current selection; you can even tell it to drill down from the current point and add everything up beneath the selection.

Ah, now I see that I misread the question. I thought the request was for a page count in the footer view, but now I realise that the request is for document stats.

The document stats are attached to the text view itself and is not concerned with things like pages… I don’t want to get into the technical reasons for this. :slight_smile: However, as AmberV points out, you can get what you want from the Project Statistics - the Page count for the selection can give you the page count of the currently selected document if that is all you want.


P.S. I have renamed “Document Statistics” to “Text Statistics” for the next release, as this probably gives a better description of what the sheet contains.