Viewing PDF in iOS Research

Hi, I’m new to Scrivener.

I’ve created a new project and uploaded some research in PDF format. Shows fine on the Mac, but i get the message ‘This document type cannot be viewed in this version of Scrivener’ in iOS. This could be a problem for me, as I need to access the research. Is this a bug? A problem with my PDFs or just not possible in iOS?

Thanks in advance

I rely on PDF files in Scrivener (placed in the research folder) and have no problems viewing them in scriv. Unfortunately scriv’s viewer doesn’t display highlights I made using PDF Expert on my iPad. So I have to export such files from scriv to expert in order to view all annotations.

I should add that all my PDFs have been OCRed. I don’t know if this is a requirement for scriv’s viewer. But I’d be quite surprised if it is.

Here also no problems viewing pdf on Scrivener iOS…

Hi, just to make sure. Did you import the PDF:s into the Scrivener project on Mac, or did you link to them? I ask, because I got a similar message when I had imported an old project, where some of my PDF:s were linked to, rather than imported into the project.

I imported the PDFs using File>Import>Import Files as Aliases - is this the source of my problem? How should I import them then? I tried to import direct to the iOs version and it seems to work fine, but not from Mac to iOs! Any ideas?

Thanks in adavnce

I have not noticed this behavior. To make sure, I opened a current Project on my iPad, navigated to the folder I’ve entitled "Reference Materials’ and looked for the .PDF files I’d imported in the Mac version of Scrivener.

They were there and ready for viewing.

I don’t know if this is related to your problem or not, but when I imported these files Scrivener insisted that they be imported into a folder that was to be used for “media” and not texts. The import went without a hitch when I identified the correct repository within the Binder.

Good luck.

If you’re importing files as aliases, Dropbox is syncing your alias files rather that resolving the aliases and syncing the linked files. “If you were to create an alias to a file and put that in the Dropbox folder, only the alias would get backed up, and that’s not terribly useful” ( … er-dropbox ).

And (just found this) from KB himself: “Aliases point to a particular path, so if you import research files as aliases on your Mac, they will not show up in the iOS version, and you’ll just get a little icon telling you that the file can’t be opened in iOS.” ( )

I just tried this with a test document - imported the same PDF on Scrivener for Mac, once as an alias and once with the whole file, and confirmed it - the alias didn’t work but the imported file worked fine.

File>Import>Files… or Shift-Cmd-I. Make sure you are in the Research folder when you import a PDF, as you can only import text files into Draft.

Brilliant! That worked - thank you so much for your help!