Viewing PDFs - "Zoom In" - Bug?


I just downloaded and installed Scrivener 2.8 for Mac (direct purchase) in anticipation for syncing with the iOS release.

An issue I now have is that when I “zoom in” on a PDF that I imported, a blank screed fills the top half the window and the PDF in the original view appears below it. I have included a screenshot for your reference.

Is this bug just faced by me?

Looking forward to any guidance.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Darren McDonald

This is a known bug in the 32-bit PDF Kit itself, used to display PDFs. For a time, after Apple “introduced” this bug in 10.8, you could see it in many programs, even dedicated PDF viewers such as Skim. Since then most developers have switched to the 64-bit PDF Kit. We’ll be doing that as well, but given how the change requires retooling the entire program to 64-bit as well, it will be implemented in the next major upgrade (due out most likely later this year).

For now, here is the write-up with workarounds.

Hi Amber

Thanks for replying so promptly. :slight_smile:

That explains things. I look forward to the update to 64bit … That is one big job.

I tried the workaround you pointed me too and will work with this the meantime.

Thank you as always for your help.

Cheers! :slight_smile: