Viewing Project Statistics

If I click on Manuscript, then S correctly shows that I have 18,900 words in my project.

If I select a text document, and I choose Project/Project Statistics…, it says that I have 801 words in the Manuscript, and 394 words in the “selection.” Note that I have selected “Count all documents.”

What does the “801” refer to and Is there any quick way to see that full total?

BTW, what’s the difference between Manuscript and Draft?

how do you know it,s correct :question: have you counted them :question:

Good point. :slight_smile: Let’s say I know that 18,900 is more likely correct than 801.

I have this problem too. Project statistics used to show the full word count for the Manuscript, but it doesn’t at present (I think it shows a combination of some files in a folder.) this has happened before. It did sort itself out, so I was just waiting for it to sort itself out again!

Looking at the whole manuscript in scrivenings mode will give you a total word count.

Is it possible you’ve got your compile set to “Current Selection” or a sub-folder, or a collection’s contents?

The top half of Project Statistics is meant to be a count of your work if you were to compile it and load the compiled result to count the words. So the “Incude in Compile” checkbox, various settings in Contents and other settings that impacts what compiles will change that value. There are other settings in the compiler that will change the word count too. Compiling out an outline with just Titles will dramatically cut your word count, whereas turning on document Notes might dramatically bloat it.

Nothing at all. Try double-clicking on the Draft/Manuscript icon in the Binder and calling it “Key Lime Pie”. Underneath whatever you call it, it’s always referred to as the “Draft folder” though. :slight_smile:

This is only true to a point. The counter in the footer bar is necessarily a bit fuzzy for performance reasons. It just counts the raw word total in the editor, no matter what the individual state of the items included in the session, or that of ranges of text, such as inline annotations that wouldn’t ordinarily compile. Naturally this is one of those things with a variable result. Some people don’t use any inline notation or footnotes and never mess with Include in Compile checkboxes. If every single word in the Draft folder is part of the manuscript, then Scrivenings mode is pretty accurate.

OK, yes that was it, thanks.

Perhaps “Manuscript (With Current Compile Settings)” would prevent some confusion. And I’m not clear on the “Count all documents” and “Count only documents marked for inclusion” on the Options page of that dialog.

In fact, that is nearly precisely how we intend to label this in the future. :slight_smile: It will read “Key Lime Pie (as compiled)”. We did that for the Mac a while back to test whether it helped reduce the confusion here in this panel and it has helped.

Well these only impact the selection half. There are currently no options for the draft count. These options refer to the “Include in Compile” checkbox and whether they should be factored into the count.

Perhaps, then, the wording should be the same between the option and the statistics window. "Count only docs marked ‘Include in Compile’ " or something similar?

I just thought I’d update my situation - I’ve identified what my problem is with my Project Statistics. For some reason the tick boxes in the ‘Include in Compile’ had been unchecked, which I presume is why things weren’t being counted. Not sure why this had happened (although I have taken a snapshot of everything because I’m going through a major rewrite), but it has, and when I recheck the boxes the Project Statistics figure is looking much better.

Just something to bear in mind incase this happens to anyone else!