Viewing Scrivenings

I’m new to Scrivener and still trying to figure out some of the basic functionality so I apologize if this is a frequently asked questions! I’m having some difficulty viewing scrivenings how I want to. I have documents that are nested in my Binder, and frequently I just want to view some of the top-level documents together. However, when I select a document that has anything nested underneath it, all of those other documents show up in the pane as well.

In other words, let’s say I have these documents:


I just want to view A and B but when I select those both I get 1 and 2 as well. How do I just view particular documents without their sub-documents?

It works this way so you can quickly select a few sections to work with, without having to bother with selecting all of the pieces in the sections, too, something that could take a bit of setup to do if it just assumed you wanted containers by themselves.

The way to “trick” Scrivenings mode into only showing you container text is to include at least one regular document with no children. When there is a mix of types, each item will be displayed by itself, rather than automatically include all of its descendants as well. So in your case I would create an empty file at the bottom, below B, and Cmd-Click that one as well as A & B.

This trick works for corkboards as well. If you select A & B, you’ll get a Corkboard Stack showing all of A & B’s child items, but you won’t see the cards for A or B. To see all of the items you selected by themselves on a flat corkboard, just include a regular file in the selection.

Perfect - thank you for the quick reply! Works like a charm!