Viewing Side-by-Side in Fullscreen

Good Day Everybody,
I had a pretty crucial question to ask. I find it much easier to write side-by-side with an image alongside my text, in the same way that I sometimes write with music. I also find it so much easier to write in fullscreen mode. So my question is this: how can I have my side-by-side view in fullscreen mode? As in, the image alongside the text while in fullscreen mode? I hope it’s possible, because I’ve been unsuccessfully searching through all of the Scrivener program for an option like this one, but I can’t find it. But I think that it is possible, because on the net I’ve seen some screencaps of exactly that. Please help, if possible.
Thank you for your time,

On the Mac, Scrivener 2.0 has “QuickReference” windows that can be opened, and which work well in full screen mode too, so that you can refer to other documents. You can see a couple in the left-most screenshot here:

These will eventually be coming to the Windows version too (although not for the initial release).

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Oh so we don’t have that yet…Ok well thank you very much, at least I know I’l just have to wait.
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Hi Day,

Something you can do now in Windows is to put the image in the Document Notes section in the inspector. You can have the inspector panel open as a floating window while in full screen, so you’d be able then to have your image visible while working in the document. The inspector of course is tied to that document you’re viewing, so you wouldn’t be able to open up just any arbitrary image from your project, but as long as you paste the image into that document’s notes, you’ll be able to view it in full screen.