Viewing Skim highlights & notes?

I have this small problem. In Bookmarks, any PDF file is displayed as it might appear in Preview. Now, I consistently use Skim to edit my academic PDFs. In Devonthink Pro, PDF files automatically show the Skim-generated highlights and notes. But not in Scrivener, apparently… So I ask: What would be the best way to access my Skim annotations within Scrivener? (I realize I could open PDF files in Finder with Skim, but I’d love to directly see my PDF annotations in Scrivener.) Thanks for any clues.

The answer is probably not too appealing, as it means turning the annotations into something Skim itself cannot work with. But it is possible by using the File ▸ Export… command from Skim, and selecting “PDF” as the format. This will save all annotations to the universal standard methods—which Skim itself cannot edit.

As for what we can do better, there are libraries that Skim makes available for reading their non-standard notation format. It’s on our list of things to look into.

Thanks for the speedy answer, Ioa.
Yes, I was aware I could turn every single Skim file into a bundled PDF file. But that would be a rather cumbersome solution… So I’m really hoping you might follow the “looking into it” route. As I said, Devonthink automagically previews Skim PDFs with intact annotations. If they can do it, I thought, why wouldn’t Scrivener?
Thank you again. Keep up the great work.

I’m pretty sure DEVONthink is using the aforementioned Skim library I referred to. As far as I know there is no other really good way of reading their notes short of reverse engineering, and why do that when there is a library? :slight_smile:

DT’s support for Skim is probably because they both predate native PDF annotation on Mac OS X (Leopard maybe? I forget…). DT now supports both native and Skim annotations but there’s no way in DT itself to tell which are which, short of opening the PDF in Skim and seeing if they are still there.

Anyway this would be a nice feature if it can be added easily. At this point I’ve become quite used to round-tripping my annotations between Skim and native PDF formats for use with iOS, though, so converting for use in Scrivener isn’t a big deal for me.

Right! So that should be easy, I assume? It would make it so much easier for me to live within Scrivener while working, without constantly having to go out shopping (so to speak). Thanks for considering this suggestion. And, again,
kudos for the superb software.