Viewing Snapshots Bug?

When viewing my snapshots, some of them don’t show all of the text in the inspector. At first I thought snapshot was truncating the text but it’s not. I duplicated the text and did a rollback and all the text that should be in the snapshot was there.

I went back and examined my snapshots and this problem is present even in the previous version. Generally speaking this isn’t a big deal, but it is a bit of an annoyance when I want to compare versions of the text.

As an aside, are there plans to let us view snapshots in the editor pane like in the Mac version?


Well after encountering this bug again. I realize that it IS truncating my text in the snapshots. Now it’s no longer a inconvenience. When I try restoring to a snapshot, I don’t get all my old text back. The end gets chopped off. I’ve lost work, and as I’m thinking about the dozens of projects and versions that may have gone poof, I’m getting a bit pissed.

I understand this is not an easy job. I’m a programmer myself and sometimes it’s fix one thing and that breaks another. But one of the key features of Scrivener was the ability to version my work so I could make dramatic changes without fear of losing my old version. Now, if this isn’t working, I may have to consider moving on to something more dependable.


After calming down I went into the actual snapshots folder in my project and found that the .rtf files for my snapshots appear to contain the full text for each snapshot. Now I have hundreds of snapshots and I’ve only check about a dozen but it appears I have not lost any work after all. The retrieval of those snapshots appears to be the real bug. Sorry if my words seemed harsh above.

Thanks for reporting this; I’ve reproduced it and am writing up a bug report so hopefully we can get it fixed for the next release. It definitely looks like a display problem; I found that just resizing the width of the editor and inspector will make the missing text appear, and even when first using the rollback button to restore an earlier snapshot, the word count in the editor will be correct although not all the text is shown. Highly unnerving, no doubt about it, but if you get this again try switching to another document and then back to reload it–that seems to work to make it all appear, just like the resize.

@Penpilot: Thanks to your report, this bug has been fixed in v1.5.5.0 and above. It was purely a display problem and no work has ever been lost, as MM noted. With the latest versions you can enjoy looking at the whole text straight away, Penpilot. :slight_smile: