Viewing snapshots

I’m sure this is very simply but I think I’m missing something or it’s changed —

WHERE can I view my snapshots of a file?

So… I “take a snapshot of a selected file” (or take a “titled snapshot”…then I try and “show snapshot” but I’m not sure where I’m supposed to see the snapshot. Didn’t a list used to appear or something fairly obvious?

Yes this did change about a year ago with 2.x. In the old version they would be in a separate window. Now snapshots appear in the Inspector. So just open that, and click on the small antique camera icon at the bottom of this to view snapshots. As with the other icons, if the button has an asterisk, that means it had stuff to look at. So if there are snapshots you’ll be able to tell by the asterisk. The Show Snapshots menu command should be opening up the inspector for you, though.

Thanks. Got it!

And just to add, you can drag a snapshot from the list in the inspector to the editor header to view it in the full editor. This can be especially handy when working with split screens to view an old version of a file while editing the current version.


I’ve been taking snapshots as I got for quite some time now. I just went to view them . . . and nothing shows up. This is potentially a major problem. Please help. There’s nothing at all in the Snapshots list in the Inspector. I hear the little camera sound every time I do it so I assumed it’s working.

If the snapshot sound has gone off then the snapshots should be there. Remember that a snapshot is taken only of the document visible when you take the snapshot - are you definitely looking at the same document you took the snapshot of?
All the best,

Thanks, Keith – yes, I got it. I just wasn’t looking via the “antique camera” icon. Got it now!