viewing the "back" or "synopsis" of a file

Sometimes when I want to see the synopsis of a given text file I can click on it and it will be revealed in the synopsis window. However with some files I will not see the “back” of that file, but will see the “back” of the first file that is the “child” of that file. To see the back of the file I want to see, I will have to go up one level in the hierarchy to click on the “parent” of that file. I can’t figure out why with some files it works fine and some I have to find the parent. Can anyone solve the mystery?


If you mean when you are in the corkboard or outliner, the inspector shows the synopsis for the selected item. If there is no selection, then the parent item is shown in the inspector. If you’re in the corkboard, just click somewhere between the cards to deselect them and have the parent’s information shown in the inspector.

Sweet. Thanks. Problem solved.