Viewing wordcounts in Corkboard

Hi there,
Is there any way to see wordcount figures for individual scenes (Text documents) when in corkboard mode?
I like to organise my novels into chapters of about 5,000 words, and to be able to see the wordcount for individual scenes would be useful. In corkboard mode, I can see the index card synopsis and shuffle accordingly.
I’ve tried to find if it’s possible, but to no avail. Am I missing something?
Mark Hayden.

Hello there West,
When you select a scene on your corkboard view with a left mouse click, look to the bottom left of the editor window and find the options, like a small round gear wheel. Left click that brings up a menu and at the bottom of the menu you will find the word count for that card.

Outline mode will be the best view for this kind of overview and management, as you can add columns for word counts and targets. Switching to Outliner view is done with the View menu, you can just flip between that and Corkboard to get different types of information at a glance.

Thank you, Shass, and thank you Amber.

I’ve written 500,000+ words in Scrivener. How is it that I never looked at Outliner mode before?

I may have done at the beginning, but because the default columns don’t include Wordcount, I probably ignored it.

That’s made my day! I’m easily pleased, but even so…
Thanks again,
Mark Hayden.