Virtualizing Scrivener and Aeon Timeline

This post is just a congratulation to Scrivener authors and a blatant envious one indeed to those owning a Mac :laughing:

I don’t own a Mac but wanted to try Aeon Timelines’s Scrivener integration so I set up a Virtualbox to do it. I also made a tour around Scrivener’s Mac-only features and couldn’t resist to post this.

It was an epiphany. Scrivener for Mac ended up being so much superior than the Windows version that it actually kept me thinking about my next computer to be a Mac. Or maybe a home made Hackintosh (let’s see what Santa has to say) :smiley:

The Aeon Timeline integration works like a charm. These two programs belong together indeed.

Great work, guys, really great work from you, developers of such a piece of artwork.

Thanks! And the integration will be coming to the Windows version, too, don’t worry. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that! But I know it’s against the rules to ask for release dates or feature roadmaps, so I won’t :wink:

All I’ll say is that we are going to be working hard to get the Mac and Windows versions in line by the end of 2014. If that seems a long time, it’s only because we have some new features planned for the Mac version next year too. :slight_smile:

Seems that Santa will have to work overtime then to bring me a Hackintosh :laughing:

So…by the end of 2014, Mac and Windows versions will finally be the same?? Only to then have Mac leapfrog Windows again???

Is there some comprehensive list of Mac and Windows differences? Thanks. :slight_smile:

AFAIK this is the most comprehensive one:

I read Keith’s response as meaning that the reason Windows parity will take till the end of 2014 is because the new features planned for the Mac version will also be incorporated into the Windows version.

That was my take as well.

Meanwhile I’ve already decided to switch to Mac - just waiting for the minis to be refreshed. It’ll be interesting to see which happens first.

Oh, that’s REALLY GOOD news, then: thanks for the parsing, folks! :stuck_out_tongue: