Virus issue during Scrivener 3.0 first start.

Dear colleagues!
I had a problem with my first Scrivener 3.0 trial installation. I was able to start the software but when I tried to open a linked Wikipedia article from my old project document, AVG antivirus reported a thread.
It was.IDP.Generic malware in QTWebEngineProcess.exe in the …/Program File/Scivenever3 folder. Next, the antivirus put executable files in this folder to quarantine and I wasn’t able to start the program.
I tried to uninstall this version of the program and AVG reported to me again, the same thread b[/b] in the _unistall6876.000 file from AppData local user folder.
System: Windows 10 Pro, 2004, build 19041.867.
AVG Antivirus 21.2.3170 with latest virus definition 210405-6.

Thank you.

Give AVG the boot.

I’ve seen too many false positives and other issues with that program, not just with Scrivener.

Kill AVG to complete the install/uninstall.

Several AVs false report an issue with Scrivener V3.

Windows Defender is better than nothing if you are on a fully updated Win 10. Norton (no longer a sad bloated effort) or Kaspersky (queue accusations of FSB connections) both work well.

Actually current versions in last couple of years of Defender are pretty solid option.
In recent testing Windows Defender is equivalent to the top tier free Virus checkers with fewer false positives. I use that and an occasional Manual scan in Free Malwarebytes as my only Windows virus checking now. That after years of either 'McAfee or Norton.

It’s main weakness is ZERO day, As they update it 1-2 time a day at most, some take updates in real time if something new hits their radar.

I have been using Webroot for years. It’s small, fast, and reliable. $38/year covers three machines; $30/year for one machine. Have never had to whitelist Scrivener.

I appreciate the responses here but the question is, is it really a false positive?

As I’m just now getting this from Avast as well, and the original post here was from weeks ago, I’m going to assume it is indeed a FP.

If the application was downloaded from this site, yes, it’s a false positive. Obviously we can’t vouch for downloads from any other source.


Yes, it is a false positive. Whitelisting Scrivener is the fix.

Have been running V3 for some weeks now and just received update message which was captured by AVAST and put QtWebEngineProcess.exe into Virus Chest. At the same time my Scrivener.exe file seems to have disappeared.

Further development - Tried to move Qt out of Virus Chest - wouldn’t let me. Turned off Avast; tried reinstall Scrivener - wouldn’t let me. Uninstalled Scrivener and tried reinstall - wouldn’t let me. Rebooted computer. At this point Avast allowed me to delete Qt in the Virus Chest. Tried another Scrivener reinstall and this time it went through. Back up and now running 3.01 - Have sent QT off to Avast for an analysis.

I have Avast as well - and similar problem. It won’t let me whitelist it (I’m running the free version) and if I try to restore and add exception it tells me it can’t. Following for more tips.

I was able to add QtWebEngineProcess.exe as an exception in Avast.

Me too.