Visual Aids Software: Simple Map

:smiley: I would love it if Scrivener could integrate Simple Map as one of its modes (along with the bulletin board, full pages, and index cards) as yet another visual aid we writers need. I have a wonderful computer consultant who said he could do this. Simple Map is better than a storyboard! This easy-to-use software allows you to draw bubbles for scenes to show the links (cause and effect) and you can label them: Hook, Inciting Incident. As it is now, I have to either have my Simple Map diagrams on my laptop as I refer to Scrivener on my desktop or have a hardcopy of my Simple Map charts. Not convenient!

I don’t know what “Simple Map” is, and couldn’t find much on the web save for some toolkits for cartography. Does it look much like Scapple? :wink:

I’m not following you cannot simply install this software on both computers though.