Visual cue for "automatically open" button

I’d like to be able to see whether the “automatically open selection in other editor” button in the footer is activated. I used to be be able to tell whether it was turned on or not, but since the interface design update I can’t.

It’s a handy little button, but I don’t use it any more because of this.

I have an old MacBook so maybe there’s a visual cue my computer can’t display? But even if there were, it’d be nice to have that visual cue back.

Thanks for the great software.


Could you explain what you mean? I’m a little confused, because the button turns blue when it is activated, using Apple’s standard blue for “on”.

Thanks and all the best,

Must be a problem on my end then. I don’t see the blue. Could it be because my MacBook is early 2008 and runs 10.7.5?

Or maybe there’s a setting I’ve turned off somewhere? I don’t see any likely candidates in Scrivener preferences. In System Preferences > General I tried changing the Appearance and Highlight colours but to no avail.

It uses the same buttons on all systems. Hmm, I’m now wondering if 10.7 doesn’t turn PDF-based buttons blue when they are turned on, although that would be strange given that PDF-based buttons were introduced in 10.5. Could you please post a screenshot of the button both when it supposed to be on and when it is off?


That could well be, we have had two or three reports from people on 10.6 stating the button no longer visually changes states. The feature works fine, it just isn’t indicated.

Well, I’ll be hogtied. I checked with a friend who has a newer computer and OS, and the button displays fine — as do buttons like bold and italics. I’d never noticed those ones weren’t displaying either, on my computer: I hide the format bar to maximize space and I use keyboard shortcuts as much as I can.

For what it’s worth, here are the screen shots.

OK then: it’s a weakness of my old machine and OS, which means it’s not a bug.

But on the other hand, I still wish it worked the way it used to, so… that’s my wish for the Wish List: having that functionality without reverting to the earlier version of Scrivener.

And if that isn’t possible, can I revert without inviting catastrophe?

If you’ve only just recently tried 2.7+ and found the problem, you might be okay. But you might recall that when you opened your working projects you were ask to update them. Any work you’ve done in them since then cannot be loaded in older versions of Scrivener. The old backups that were made prior to the update can be opened, but of course will not have any edits made since the time of the backup.

Alas. I’ve done too much work to go back.

Thanks though.