Visual Cue for Extended Synopsis in Corkboard view.

I am finding myself having longer synopsis’ on certain documents. Currently Scrivener cuts the text off with no indication that the text continues out of view. I have to double click the text in order to see any additional text (or to find out if any is there).

Usually the sentence ends weirdly and it clues me in that there is more. But it would add to the ease of use of scrivener if there were some visual clue or indication that the text continued out of view.

I’ve attached two images. The first (example1) showing a synopsis which has been cut off. The second (example2) shows the previously hidden text of the synopsis.

I realize i have the ability to play with the size of cards, the size of my overall scrivener view, as well as the text size. However, I still ran into this issue when working on a project which, when optimized, still cut off the view of things.

Thank you for your time.

I’m using Scrivener for Windows v1.6.1.0 - 31 Oct 2013

Hopefully we’ll be able to add an ellipsis at the end of text that is cut off. I managed to do that on the Mac version thanks to changes Apple made in the text drawing frameworks, but it might be a little more difficult with Qt on Windows, but it is on the list of refinements to make.

Good to know! Thanks for the reply.