Visual Impression of version 2.5

I’m very new to the Mac version (use the Windows version mostly) and I was quite surprised how much smaller the format bar is in contrast to the Win version. It does mean I have to put on a different pair of glasses to see the headings. I may come across some way of altering the format bar size in due course (I can amend the font/size etc OK).

But I raise the point because not only is the Win version easier to see but its visual impact is stronger for the slightly larger size right from the off. The headings seem rather compressed. Obviously doesn’t make any difference to its function. Look forward to becoming more acquainted with this version. Be great if the file format between both platforms could be completely matched. Nowadays so many people have a mix of system platforms!!

Are you referring to the toolbar with alignment, font settings, lists and so on? It’s a little smaller on my screen, but not terribly, in fact the overall height of it is about identical, holding them up side-by-side. It may depend on which Mac you have though. Some of the Macs have a fairly high resolution screen without the “Retina” technology that compensates for that and increases the size of fonts and interface elements (basically, so that everything is drawn more crisply, rather than more microscopically). For example the small MacBook Air computers have a pretty dense pixel grid, but no compensation, so fonts in general are a lot smaller on them than they would be on a MacBook Pro with the Retina screen or a normal low-res monitor. I have pretty good close vision (if only I could say the same for anything further than an arm’s length away!), but even I have to boost the font zoom a bit on the MacBook Air.

They should be pretty close these days. Is there a particular problem you are experiencing?

Apparently its called the format bar - has the paragraph symbol, font style, font size etc. I’m viewing the screen on a non-Mac 24 inch screen. So the definition is certainly not as good but it’s just the size of the elements which is just a bit difficult to pick out compared to the Windows version. It doesn’t seem to be possible to increase the size of the elements - uniquely it would seem. Just would love it to be a little bigger while appreciating that it isn’t the most important element!!